The World's First Truly Social Medium

For iOS and Android

What do all current social media platforms have in common? It is always about presenting yourself to the world in the best possible way, they are egocentric.

‘We want to change the game by putting the social back in social media.’ 

How do we accomplish this?

On our platform the spotlight is on your friends, not on yourself.
Your friends fill your profile and you fill the profile of your friends. In this way your friends paint a complete picture of you. It has never been this easy to express your friendship

How to join Spotmate

Spotmate is available in both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Because Spotmate only works with friends, it is no fun to use it alone. Get a group of friends together and start taking and posting fun pictures of each other! 

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Meet the team

The Spotmate Team is convinced that Spotmate will make our digital world a much more social place to live in. The Spotmate Team consists of 4 mates (all TU Delft MSc students), each with a diverse set of skills that have enabled us to reach the place we are in right now. Will you help us achieve our vision?

Jan Geleijnse


Jop Kokkedee


Adriaan van Wijk


Coen van Gruijthuijsen


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