Privacy Policy

Effective date:September 25, 2019

  1.  Welcome


Welcome to Spotmate (“Spotmate,” “we,” “us” or “our”). Spotmate is a social medium focusing on your friends. We provide a service to show and share, through pictures, all the positive aspects of your friends. You do this by Spotting your friends. In this way Spotmate makes it easy and fun to show your friendships. 

As Spotmate focuses on caring for friends, we, the Spotmate Team, likewise care for you. For this reason, this Privacy Policy is formed, for all users of this service, to explain to you exactly how your information is protected and why some of your information is stored and released to other companies we work together with. As transparency is key in a good friendship, you may always contact us at for questions about this Privacy Policy. 


Spotmate’s view on social media: the content on your profile depends on your friends, so not on yourself. These friends are called Spotters and two users have to give mutual permission to become Spotters. 


Because of this, our term “User Content” differentiates from the term used by other social media platforms. We define your “user content” as everything a user posts to the profiles of the user’s Spotters but also everything posted on the user’s profile by his or her Spotters. User Content (Spots) is therefore often linked to two profiles instead of one. 


If two users are Spotters, they can post any  content (Spots) that is complying with the terms of use to one another’s profiles. This results in a Spotter (the user posting/Spotting) and a Spotted user. The Spotter and the Spotted user have different rights regarding the content:

  • Spots on the Spotted user can be seen by the public or followers and Spotters of a user (depending on the Spotted user’s privacy settings), for 12 hours. 

  • The content can only be deleted by the Spotter or if the Spotted user deletes it’s profile. 

  • If the Spotted user wants to keep the Spot on its profile, he/she can Pin it, causing the Spot to remain seeable until the Spotted user unpins the Spot. 


By accepting this privacy statement you understand the above rights regarding the User Content and accept these. Furthermore, you understand that you will be part of a social media platform where you and other Users may actively search, share and use publicly available content by other Users like your public User Content. 

  1.  Privacy Policy specifications


As Spotmate is founded in the Netherlands, Europe, this Privacy Policy follows an important piece of legislation from the European Union called the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short. Specifications of the GDPR can be found in Specifically, this Privacy Policy and all possible ensuing claims are governed by the Dutch law.

  1. What information does Spotmate need and why?

Spotmate requires some of your information to make you part of our Spotmate family. We want all of your friends, of whom you can decide who you want to connect with, to know who you are, to give you an identity, and to provide you with a profile you can be proud of.


For that reason Spotmate requires the following basic information:

  • Your e-mail address and password when you register for a Spotmate account.

  • Information that makes your profile findable for your friends (e.g., first and last name, profile picture, phone number). 


Now you have a profile and you wish to connect with all of your friends. To find them online, some specifications need to be addressed.


  • If you choose to find your friends through a search of names or usernames on Spotmate then simply type a name to search and we will perform a search on our Service.

  • Note (1) about “Invite Friends by Spotting” feature: If you choose to invite someone to the Service through our “Invite friends by Spotting” feature, you may select a person directly from the contacts list on your device and send a text or email, including a photo of your invited friend, from your personal account. You understand and agree that you are responsible for any charges that apply to communications sent from your device, and because this invitation is coming directly from your personal account, Spotmate does not have access to or control this communication. If the invite is not accepted, the picture enclosed to the message will be deleted from our servers after one month.

  • Note (2) about “Invite Friends by Spotting” feature: For access to your contact list you may choose to accept. Accepting this will make it much easier to select the person you would like to introduce (with a spot). 

  • Note (3) about “Invite Friends by Spotting” feature: Contact data of your friend is required and stored for the same reasons as given above to create a profile for your friend.


Awesome, you have your own profile and you and your friends have become each other’s Spotters. Now, you will probably like to actively take part in our family as well. For the ability to design your profile (e.g. by pinning pictures your spotters post on your profile), providing you with an up to date feed with content of people you follow, and notify you when you were spotted or lighted, we need to store some active information:


  • User Content (e.g., spots, lights, and other materials) that you post to the Service.

  • Further metadata (e.g., location of pictures, number of spots of a specific user, times and dates when you are active, and other materials) within your User Content.

  • Connections between users (e.g., your Spotters, your followers and people you spot/follow).

  • Unique device tokens in order to send you push notifications


Sometimes, we need to address you with updates of Spotmate’s services or further developments in the Terms-of-Use or Privacy Policy. To ensure you will always be up-to-date we need to store the following:

  • Communications between you and Spotmate (e.g., Service-related emails and messages you send when contacting us which we can use to answer your questions).


To always ensure Spotmate is fully updated and operates at all time, we have to store some information of the device you are using.

  • Device data (e.g., Log Data, Log File Information and Device Identifiers) is stored for example when errors occur which we then can use to further prevent these errors from happening. This Device data is also used to ensure data is remembered since the last time you logged in, forcing you not to re-insert the same data every time. This ensures your access to Spotmate to operate smoothly. Device data can further be used by us, or others, to personalise content and ads which ensure these content and ads are much more connected to your interests.

  • Device data is stored to automatically update Spotmate. We want you to experience the Spotmate community at its finest. We all hate having to wait for updates so doing this automatically, even if you are using a totally different app, will prevent this from happening.

  • In Spotmate you will probably take lots of pictures of your friends, or use pictures you made before from your picture gallery. For this we will ask access to your camera and picture gallery.


Cookies: We have all heard of them, but only few know what cookies are actually used for. Spotmate uses cookies to save information of your actions, the pages you visited and device data.

  • Cookies are used to keep you logged in, even when switching to other apps. This prevents you to have to relog every time you visit a different page (both website or different app).

  • Cookies are used for protection because they provide us information with accounts that are not following our Terms-Of-Use like fake accounts, spamming accounts, etc.

  • Cookies are shared with third party instance (who are forced to follow the same privacy policy rules as stated in this document) to provide you with more personalised ads. If and how long you have watched an ad may be shared with these instances as well and help us to even further personalise these ads.


  1. With who does Spotmate share data and how?

Spotmate only shares your information with parties/instances as described in this Privacy Policy. The parties and instances to whom your data will be shared have to follow the guidelines and rules as described in this Privacy Policy.


Spotmate may share your information in the following ways:


  • To other members of our Spotmate family. Of course we want your friends to find you online. For this we share your username, name and profile picture to all other Spotmate users.

    • Depending on your connection to different Spotmate users (based on whom you gave access of your full profile / your privacy settings) more data may be shared like amount of spots, amount of lights, pictures, locations, dates, and messages.

  • To third party instances. These third party instances sound scary but actually ensure you to experience Spotmate in a much safer and personalised way.

    • They provide you with more personalised ads and they measure and optimise which ads should be shown to you. However, we will never share personally identifiable information (such as your name, your email or your age). We will anonymize all the data we send to advertisers. For Example, we will share that a user is between 18 to 25 years old, lives in Amsterdam and is into soccer. This way, we can provide personalized ads without violating your privacy. 

  • To third party instances like the government for safety reasons like fraud or legally valid legal processes. We will never do this voluntary and only after a court order has been presented to us. This ensures a more safer environment in this Social Media Platform.

  • If Spotmate partners up with another company, your data may be shared to our partner. 


  1. How does Spotmate store your information?

Spotmate wants your information to be kept private and stored only as long as it is required for operation. For that reason we will address how long some of your information is stored, in what way your information is stored and what happens with your information if you decide to delete your account.


  • Time length of information storage. Spotmate requires your information to be stored if it needs this information to keep your account operational on the platform. Pictures that are placed on your profile (i.e. you are spotted by one of your friends) are stored and shared (in accordance with your settings and connections) for at least 12 hours or as long as you keep them pinned to your profile. If you do not decide to pin a spot, your spot will never be shared with anybody else, however, we will store the picture in case you change your mind. More basic information like name, date of birth and spotter lists will be stored longer unless you ask us to delete these.

  • Method of storing information.

    • We use Google’s Firebase to safely store your data, this can be in the European Union but also in one of the other countries where Google has storage institutions. We encourage you to review the Google’s policy for safeguarding your data: For more information on what type of information Firebase can collect, please visit please visit the Google Privacy & Terms web page:

    • We use commercially reasonable safeguards to help keep the information collected through the Service secure and take reasonable steps (such as requesting a unique password) to verify your identity before granting you access to your account. However, Spotmate cannot ensure the security of any information you transmit to Spotmate or guarantee that information on the Service may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed.

    • Spotmate, its Affiliates, or Service Providers may transfer information that we collect about you, including personal information across borders and from your country or jurisdiction to other countries or jurisdictions around the world. 

    • By registering for and using the Service you consent to the transfer of information to any country in which Spotmate or its Service Providers maintain facilities and the use and disclosure of information about you as described in this Privacy Policy.

    • Please do your part to help us. You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your unique password and account information, and for controlling access to emails between you and Spotmate, at all times.

  • Leave Spotmate? We hope this moment will never arrive, but you may want to leave the Spotmate family some day in your life. Of course, if you ask us to, we can remove all content you shared. However, the time it takes to remove your stored information may vary for different reasons (e.g., fraud, legal processes, back-ups).

  1. How do I change the information I share?

Spotmate wants you to experience the community in the way you feel is best. Having control over your own privacy settings is key in this experience. For that reason we have different tools that give you control over your own settings.

  • In this stadium (alpha release) your profile is set to private by default, this means only followers and spotters can see spots on you. You can not change this to public yet. In later releases you can switch your account from sharing your information and pictures to everyone, or to your spotters or followers only.

  • For cookies and other methods of storing information, you can easily change your device settings to prevent us from receiving access to this information. Take in mind though, that this may affect Spotmate’s operations.

  • You are in full control of choosing and accepting your own spotters. This is your decision so remember it is your own responsibility to ensure that your spotters are really trustworthy. Your spotters will be able to share and/or screenshot your User Content. Keep that in mind!


  1. Younger than 13?

As stated in the Terms of Use, Spotmate is a service for people over the age of 13. For that reason we do not intend to store personal information of underaged users. If we discover information is stored of an underaged user, this data will be immediately terminated. If you think we have stored information of an underaged user, please contact us at


  1. Final remarks.

  • As stated above, the Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy may be updated over time. Information of this update (and actual content that was updated) will be sent to every user. If we are not legally bound not to do otherwise, we will inform you at least 30 days in advance. During this period you will be able to stop using our service or change your privacy settings. 

  • For any remarks or questions, the Spotmate team can be contacted through email:

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